Vehicle Tracking and Fuel Monitoring Service

Track your vehicle, its fuel consumption and monitor driver’s driving behaviour


Track your Vehicle

Real time tracking of the vehicle on Map via convenient options of Mobile app and web dashboard with data on ETA, speed and distance to your location with complete travel history.

Track Ignition Status

Track the engine ON/OFF events through the ignition report.

Distance Covered

Monitor the distance covered by the vehicle for each trip, day or any custom period.

Share Vehicle Location

Easy sharing of location and tracking to people who don’t have this app via Whatsapp / SMS / Email etc. for limited time as per your convenience.


Create geofence around the area of operation and set smart alarms to check the movement of vehicle in and out of the geo-fenced area.

Driving Behaviour

Observe the risky behavior of hard braking / hard acceleration, speed violation by the driver of the vehicle to improve the safety of the goods and people in the fleet.

Fuel Monitoring

Track the volume of the fuel in the tank, re-fueled volume, mileage, consumption and pilferage volume for any given time period.

Audit your Fuel Bill

Check the cost of fuel, put in the fleet of vehicles against the claim amount / approved amount for the fleet for the specific period.

Monitor the Temperature

Monitor the temperature of your refrigerated containers /enclosure as they move across the city and country with alert notification if the temperature crosses the safe range.

Monitor the OBD Parameters

Monitor the Engine RPM, temperature (coolant, air), Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) that the Vehicle’s ECU throws to identify the health of the vehicle and identify what is wrong with the system. This is possible via the device that fits in the OBD2 Port of the Vehicle that is available with all vehicle manufactured after 2013.