Employee Tracking Service

Track your employee’s online, automatically log attendance of field staff, improve efficiency and reduce delays in decision making.


Dynamic Interactive Dashboard

Track employee attendance, late reporting, meetings, vehicles and the goods delivered by them via one single dashboard with drill down features.

Track Employees Online

Track the attendance, routes taken and meetings conducted by the employees with option to record the meeting discussions and upload the images from customer location with automatic tracking of location and time.

Route Planning for Employees and Deliveries

Assign the route of specific employee to his / her colleague in case of absence or holidays.

Track your Delivery Fleet

Real time tracking of the fleet on both app and web dashboard with data on ETA to customer , Distance from Destination, with complete travel history and delivered actions.

Share live location with Customers

Employees can share their live location with customers for specific time-period for transparency in terms of their expected time of arrival and better planning at customer side. Sharing of location via SMS. WhatsApp, E-Mail, etc. and customer need not have the App to view.

Planned and Impromptu Meetings

Employees can create their own planned meetings as well as enter details of impromptu meetings as well. Supervisors can approve it and add meetings from their side as well.

Capture Meeting Details

Employees can capture details like – Name of Person, Agenda of Meeting, Summary of discussion, of their meetings while the location of meeting and the timing of the same is captured automatically. They can capture images during the meeting e.g. any important document shared by customer, etc. Meeting Reports can be exported to excel and submitted as Activities Report avoiding duplicate efforts for employees.

Order Form

Order details can be captured by the employees and can be exported in excel by the Supervisor and processed immediately after the meeting without waiting for the employees to return to office.

Signature Mapping

Delivery fleet can take customer signature on app screen making the delivery process more secure


Employees can mark their start of day manually or the time of their first meeting can be taken as their start of day. Attendance and corresponding late reports are visible to Supervisor via the dashboard. Attendance Report can be exported in excel format to be imported in payroll software or can be used for any other analysis.